October 24, 2012


Yeah, man!

So, I didn't get my weekly weigh-in done or blog last Friday because I've been so freakin' sick since then.

It's retarded. I swear, I was just sick. I blogged about back in what, September? This time, it's even worse, too! It started off with a sore throat and lots of coughing. As of yesterday, I lost my voice and I've been super congested in my chest, and my left ear has been aching.

I actually went to the doctor today.

I never go to the doctor, but I felt so bad I wanted some medications to start feeling better, faster.

I had to leave work early on Monday because my voice was going out, and I'm taking tomorrow off because it still hasn't come back completely. Since my job is over-the-phone stuff, I need my voice to do my job properly.

I was prescribed some meds that I didn't get to pick up from the pharmacy because I promptly passed out the minute I got home, but now I can't even continue to nap because my coughing keeps waking me up. They did give me a shot in my hip, though. I supposed I feel a little better than before I went to the doctor. My voice is stronger, though it still cracks when I speak long sentences and then I start coughing.

Yeah, I don't like being sick. I act like a big baby when I'm sick, but still...no bueno.

This actually brings up a question. I've done some research about exercising when you're sick, and I've come across a lot of results that say there shouldn't be any problem with it. I've thought the complete opposite until now, and I suppose that working out while you're sick couldn't be too harmful (unless you have like, pneumonia or something).

Honestly, though, I don't work out when I'm congested like this. I guess mostly because I have had bad experiences. I worked out a couple of times in the past while I was sick, and since I do mostly cardio, my heartbeat gets up and my breathing quickens. But, it's hard to breathe when your nose is clogged up with snot. It gets super hard to breathe, which is detrimental to the workout, and makes me feel sicker than when I left.

I supposed that while I'm sick, I could stick to more strength training then cardio then, hm?

Well, that wasn't the real question. Anyway, to the point - do you guys still workout when you're sick? Does it make you feel better in the end? I just want some opinions from my fellow bandsters.

I was supposed to have a fill last Monday, but I missed the appointment. I need to reschedule it. I don't think I need a fill, though, but I still want to have a follow-up with my doctor. Well, if I even get to see him. I've been seeing the PA every time I go. She's nice and all, but I miss hunky surgeon-man. I don't care if his wife works at the same office he does, I can still look...hehe.

I did happen to weigh myself today, and I'm around 236.8. That's good, since I'm going down again! My goal is to be in the 220s, even if it's 229, by the Rock N Roll Marathon. I have come to terms with the fact that I probably won't finish the 1/2 Marathon since I am not even the slightest prepared for it, so it doesn't bother me too much anymore. I discovered there is a team of runners who gather up each year in May to start training for the Rock N Roll, and I've decided to try and sign up with them for next year's marathon. This year is just a stepping stone.

I still have the Dirty Girl Mud Run in December, which will be full of mud and obstacle courses. It's a 5k, untimed and uncompetitive. The good thing about that one is that a friend of mine will be running the same wave as me. I'm going to base my training more on that. There is a half-marathon in January called the Herothon, but I think January may still be too early for me to run a whole half-marathon.

I realized I haven't been holding myself very accountable on my weight loss. I've been slacking in my weekly weigh-ins, and I definitely haven't been taking pictures to track my weight loss. I've had plenty of people say, "Wow, Ashlee, you've lost weight!", and I suppose I can see it, especially since my pants sag ridiculously low these days. I just think if I would hold myself more accountable, my progress would be coming around more smoothly.

I had my first major regret about the Lap Band the other day, though. As I've expressed in previous blogs, work/school are killing me. Also, I'm going to be phenomenally in debt when I graduate. In my field, which is meteorology, it's also a little difficult to find a job after graduation. So, I thought I found a way that would help me exponentially in not only completing my schoolwork without so much stress, as well as guaranteeing a job after graduation: the Air Force.

Unfortunately, no matter how much weight I lose, I've read that the Lap Band immediately disqualifies me from joining the Air Force. I mean, I can always try once I reach the required weight - which is 165 pounds, by speaking to a recruiter. I want to join as an officer and work for the meteorological side of things. If I'm right, they're based out of Mississippi. I wouldn't be subject to any combat or anything like that, so maybe I can reason with a recruiter and get paperwork documenting I'm as physically fit as anyone else.

The worst they can do is tell me no.

Oh well, if not, I'll just have to use my brain to secure a position in grad school or jump right into working for the NWS.

Jeez guys, this blog was so long. I've been pondering a lot of things lately, and don't get to talk to people too much about it. I have two Bandster buddies here in town, and I haven't even talked to them lately. I miss Z and I've never been able to meet up with Banded in Texas. I think it's time to change that.

Anyway, I've been sweating from exerting myself to type this up. I'm going to watch TV (something I rarely do) and try to rest up some more so I can feel better. I'll be back on Friday with my weigh-in. :)


  1. Feel better soon, Ashlee! I do not exercise when I am congested. It gives me a wicked headache.

  2. Sorry you're sick, that sucks!

    I had no idea the Lap Band would disqualify you from service. Why??

  3. I do not exercise when I am sick..especially congested...I just don't breathe very well and I am usually not eating very well so I am weak. I concentrate on hydration and making sure what I eat is healthy and pick up exercise when I am better. As I start to feel better I add moderate exercise in like walking

  4. Hey Girl, welcome back! Sorry to hear about the sickness. I can't answer you about whether I work out when I'm sick because I just started exercising in July so I haven't had the experience yet.
    I think you're in the right frame of mind about the USAF: don't listen to the rumor that your LapBand might preclude you from service. When you get close to your goal weight, go and speak to a recruiter and they will let you know what specifically you need to do to join.
    I would love to meet up with you and Z. I'm free most weekends.
    I hope you're feeling better soon. Please remember to drink lots of liquids.

  5. Feel better soon!!

    I don't work out when sick gernreally. Because when I am sick I want to lay in bed and get better. Plus the congested, not able to breathe things gets in the way.

  6. Jeesh. I know how to spell generally. I just type too fast. lol And don't proofread until AFTER I hit send. Doh!