October 27, 2012

30 Pounds!!!

Initial: 266
Two Weeks Ago: 239.0
This Week: 235.8
Change: -4.2
Overall: -30.2


I have officially tipped the 30lb mark in my weight loss journey! That's so cool. I felt like I was sitting in the 20s forever!

I just need to lost 20 more pounds before I can finally go to the spa! It's a little negotiation I have with myself: I love going to the spa, so if I ever want to go again, I better hit that 50lb mark!

So, the Rock n Roll marathon is slowly creeping up on me. I am determined to do my best, no matter what, and not feel like a total loser if I don't finish. I'm excited and nervous at the same time!

I was introduced to these things called Chomps. They're energy supplements you take while working out and stuff for that little burst of energy. Apparently, there's something else called Gu, which is exactly what it sounds like it is, goo. I've never even heard of these things before! But I was told they're really useful for pick-me-ups during long workouts/runs, so I bought some Strawberry and some Watermelon Chomps. I'm gonna try them out and see if they taste good/work.

So, as I've mentioned in my last posts, my pants are starting to get really baggy. They just refuse to stay on my hips these days! On that note, I bought two pairs of jeans today, and I'm glad to say I fit nicely back into a size 22 again. I know, it's only one size down from the 24 I'm at now, but it's down, not up.

That brings me to a question. If I plan on getting new jeans every time mine get baggy, I'm going to be spending a lot of money. So, what do/would you do with your clothes while losing the weight? Do you dish the cash out for pants that fit, or do you make due with your baggy jeans until you just can't keep them on anymore?


  1. Awesome weightloss this week!! Way to kill it.

    I am lucky enough to have inherited clothes from some fellow AZ bandsters. That was free. Otherwise I would be wearing my baggy 24's with a belt (like I am still doing with my work clothes). Have you tried goodwill?

  2. Well done Ashlee. Sometimes the weights are like that without rhyme or reason. Always seems to happen right next to a milestone too.

  3. When I work my way through my own closet (several sizes saved up over the years of gaining) I plan on hitting up Goodwill and thrift stores. Even consignment stores might have some deals. Outside of that, its Target, Kohls and TJMaxx for me.

  4. I haven't bought any new clothes yet. Like Tina, I've got a closet full of size ranges. If you haven't got that, I agee with adorkbl and Tina, go to Goodwill or consignment shops. I don't see any reason to buy new clothes you'll only be wearing for a few months.

  5. Yup, the chomps and Gus are good (I love the peanut butter Gu and the Clif gummy/chomp things...also Honey Stinger brand is good.)

    As for the 1/2...just go into it with a good attitude and no expectations on your finishing time and you'll do fine. Lots of people will walk the entire thing! Just doing it is a great feeling, and though I wasn't thrilled with my time the first time I did it, I enjoyed the experience and I still look at that medal and feel proud!

  6. Luckily I have saved pants thru my sizes...until I got to 16 then I hit goodwill. Not really my favorite but I wash them twice. I have gotten my 16's and 14's there. As long as I find my size I will continue to go there until goal..which I am aiming for a size 8

  7. http://bsbandedmama.blogspot.com/2012/11/leibster-award.html I NOMINATED YOU ;O)

  8. LOL I nominated you too! Looks like Tee and I have both nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out this link: http://bandedintx.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-liebster-award.html You can answer her questions instead of mine!

    My questions for you are:
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