October 12, 2012

My Body is Slowly Falling Apart

Initial: 266
Last Week: 242.0
This Week: 239.0
Change: -3
Overall: -27

I feel so yucky right now!

So, I decided to try a workout supplement to help with my energy levels when I go workout. I heard some really great things about Jack3d, so I bought some at GNC.

Your supposed to mix 1-2 scoops in some water about 30 minutes before a workout. The firs time I used it, I mixed 1 and 1/4 scoops, and when I worked out, I didn't notice too much of a difference. So, today before my training session, I took 2 scoops.

My world has spinning for almost an hour now.

Now, I'm not saying this product is bad. I'm the stupid one who rushed to my training session without eating properly. So, the Jack3d + no food + intense workout = sick Ashlee. I'm supposed to be running errands right now, but instead, I'm trying to get the world to settle. I feel like I'm hungover!

 Also, I feel like my body is going to fall apart one day.

My hair is still falling out. I know it's perfectly normal, and that it will stop one day, but it's still disconcerting when I see a clump of hair in my hands after I wash my hair. Also, I'm tired of the drain clogging every week. Very annoying.

Also, both of my big toenails have cracked nearly in half. The left one came completely off, so I only have half of a toenail. This makes me super sad, because I like having nice toenails. I get a pedicure every month, and now my toe is so messed up I can't even do that anymore! I didn't even hit my toe anywhere, they just both cracked out of nowhere! I think it may be surgery related, just like my hair.

When it comes to the band, I'm still having trouble eating right. I PB at least once or twice a week now because I scarf my food down too fast. I have to be extremely careful eating any kind of bread, too, or I'm choking it back up plus some mucous stuff. It's nasty. This usually happens when I've been hungry for a while, and I eat too fast to satisfy my hunger.

The Rock N Roll marathon is coming up very quickly, and I am completely unprepared. I know that I have improved my stamina since July, but it's coming along very slowly. I will not complete this marathon in time, but I'm okay with that. It's just a stepping stone. Honestly, I need to step my workout game up if I plan on completing any kind of marathon soon.

Not having to worry about school right now has actually been a load off of my chest. I've been getting some intense migraines recently, and I'm positive they're stress related, so I'm positive without having to worry about school, I'll have more breathing room to deal with my stress. I can't believe I actually decided to take the semester off, but I know I'm not quitting for good. I'm way too close to graduating, and way too far in debt to quit now.

I'll be fine.

I'm not the best at dealing with my stress, though. I used to eat my way out of stress. Either that, or take a nap. I don't have much time for naps now, and I find still eat my way out of stress. Do any of you have ways to deal with your stress in healthier ways?


  1. Tell your doctor about toenails. Some vitamin deficiencies can cause that. I get myself in trouble too when I let myself get too hungry. I have been making myself eat on schedule lately and it has really helped.

  2. I was a stressful eater also. But since the surgery, I've turned to housework or yardwork to relieve my stress. It really works for me, plus I feel Super Productive when the job is done!
    I agree w/ RockBand Barbie, you should tell your surgery center about the hair and nail problems. Unfortunately, stress itself can cause these problems, but first you should rule out nutritional deficiencies. Are you getting enough protein? Do you take a multivitamin? In the meantime, maybe try a nail strengthener. Sally Hansen makes a great one, looks like clear polish and can be used alone or as a base coat.

  3. Yup, you might need some other vitamins because of the toenails. Are you taking Biotin?

    My running partner and I take Jack3d before we run, but he only gives me half a scoop! So definitely reduce your amount and try that. :)

  4. You're set to "no reply" so I wanted to make sure you saw my comment! I am pretty sure I was 190 or so when I ran the first half marathon. But honestly, I think my underpreparedness was more related to the fact that I didn't do enough long runs than my weight! I had run a 10 miler the previous March much faster, but it just kicked my butt (the half was in Sept.) Good luck!!!

  5. I used to PB on my first bite...then my doc said to drink a glass of water before I eat to take the hunger edge off...if I am not as hungry I don't eat as fast...just a thought to try out!

  6. Congrats on the loss. Sorry you are struggling right now with the band. I agree with Jenn... drink more water if you can right beforehand. Hopefully that will help slow you down. I am still working on that myself sometimes. I get so hungry my first few bites are too big and whamm... closed for business.

  7. Hey, girl! Just checking in...hope all is well with you!