August 06, 2012

Uterus for Sale

So, lots to talk about today! :D

On Saturday, I went to this place called Paradise Canyon with my boyfriend and some of our friends. It's like a recreational park, similar to Garner State Park...or so we thought! It was lamer than lame. It was just a small river not even a mile long, with some ledges you can dive in from. It was pretty, but very small and uneventful. I swam a little bit, but that's really all. The only memorable thing I left that place with was some sunburn. :\

Yesterday I cleaned most of my apartment. There were some places I haven't cleaned since I move in over a year ago **coughcoughmyroomcoughcough**. It looks so much bigger in her now. :D

All right, so today was a very, very eventful day.

So I go to work this morning like I've been doing for the last couple of weeks, and that's all fine and dandy. Until I get that familiar feeling of foreboding, something that strikes once a month at the most inopportune time. So, I go to the restroom during my break, and yup, it's that time of the month.

Now, the tricky thing about my period is that if I don't catch it early enough and get some Midol in me, then I will get cramps so bad I am incapacitated for the rest of the day. No. Joke. I literally can't function with those cramps. It's been like that since I was freakin' 11. I eventually figured out the Midole trick as I got older, but man, even with meds trying to stop my uterus from exploding inside of me, I still feel all bloated and there's always a dull ache in my lower abdomen.

Yeah. Sucks.

So, at least I caught it on time, and I just had to deal with the normal aching I get instead of full blown Armageddon in my uterus. Yay!

Well, after that, I left work early so I could go get my second fill! I was so excited! My weigh-in showed I lost 3 pounds since the 19th of July, but the girl who took my weight said that I really lost 8 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle. Cool. :)

So my fill was done by the hunky doctor's wife, who's the Physician's Assistant there. Now, this fill didn't go quite as good as my other one. My port was misbehaving badly. It kept tilting, and she said one of the screws may have come loose so that's why it kept moving.

Basically, they had to lay me down and poke and push around inside me with that needle for a good fifteen minutes before they got it in. All I gotta say is ouch. I'm gonna be tender there for a couple of days.

After all that nonsense, she gave me a pretty aggressive fill: an additional 3ccs. Even I can feel a difference from just drinking fluids, though that might be due to the swelling. I'm not gonna cheat this time, and I'm gonna stick to liquids for the next 48 hours. I really don't want to make myself puke. But I'm now at 6ccs in my band! I bet things are gonna be quite different now. :)

Yeah, so that's still not the end of my day.

After my fill, I had my session with my trainer, Joe Lee. He totally whooped my ass today. No freakin' kidding. He turned that shit up a couple of knotches!

I jogged, I ran, I butt-kicked, I lunged, I side-to-sided, I pushed-up, I sat against a pillar in a squat position (and patty-caked with Joe Lee at the same time, ha!), I high-kneed, I even wheel-barrowed him. Yeah, that's right. He got on his hands, I held his ankles, and wheel-barrowed him around the gym.

Then, he found a rolling chair, put 180 lbs of weights on it, sat on top of it, and made me push him around the gym for three circuits, making me sprint half of the way. He started making race car noises when I was doing that. People were staring, lol.

There was even a guy who was working with another personal trainer at the same time who came up to me and said, "Man, that guy is kicking your ass." Ha! He sure as hell did. But I had fun! Now, I'm trying to recuperate because my legs still feel like jelly!

Now it's time for me to make some soup, because I'm starving. I hope you guys have a great week. :)


  1. Wow, that's an agressive fill. I hope you do ok with it. Good for you on the hard work out!!

  2. well there you go, girl! your fill is ahead of me now! HA! wow, that's a crazy fill compared to what you first got. i hope it does help with what you need.

    and yea, that trainer guy would've definitely gotten his nuts served after a session like that with me! hahaha but, hey, no pain no gain, right!? way to go, gym ninja!

    1. Hehe, I feel like a gym ninja! I can't wait until I can do all the things normal people can do at the gym. :D

  3. Wow that's a crazy fill!

    Well done on the weight loss and the muscle gain!

    Keep up the wonderful work hun.

  4. wow that is aggressive on top of TOM crazy hope you do well with that!

    1. I know, I hope I feel some restriction soon!

  5. That is so neat! How do they keep track of weight vs. muscle?

    1. Their neat-o scale can apparently tell how much fat and muscle I've gained/lost. It's crazy cool!

  6. wow, what a work out! I so wish I could get a personal trainer.

    1. I used my credit card, like a bad girl. Lol.

  7. Great work out. Hope the fill works for you and isn't too tight!