August 09, 2012

I pushed the truck.

Before we get to that, let's start with my Thursday weigh-in!

I had a neat-o chart I made in Excel that I wanted to show you guys, but it looks like it's not Blogger friendly... :( I'll see what I can do, though! Until then...

Initial: 266
Last Week: 251.6
This Week: 248.4
Change: -3.2!!
Overall: -17.6

Damn! I've never lost 3.2 pounds in a week before. I'm like, high on happy feelings right now! This is so cool. :D

I even noticed a difference in how my pants fit. At first, I was just, "Oh, I'm really kidding myself here." But nope, all three pairs of jeans I wore so far this week have felt looser than before. Awesome!

So, today, I did it. I pushed my trainer's truck. He made me push it from one end of the parking to the other, and back again. With two tires and rims in the back. And then he jumped in. No bueno. My arms feel like they're going to fall off. I don't even wanna know what I'm gonna feel like tomorrow.

Only one more week, and then it's back to the same ol' grind of work and school I've been doing for five years now. Am I ever gonna get my degree? Sheesh, it seems like something pops up every time to push it back further. Oh well. School had never been an option for me. I will finish, no matter what, and I will make it work for my benefit in the end.

So, the Band. I did a no-no on Tuesday. So, you now how you're supposed to drink liquids for 48 hours after a fill? Yeah, silly me remember that, but totally forget that pills are not liquids. So I took my medication on Tuesday and, well, guess what? I made myself sick.

I didn't PB them. It was different. I felt them, like a heavy pressure, just sitting in my pouch. It made me ridiculously nauseous. Then, I started to get a headache, which quickly escalated to a migraine. No freakin' bueno. I had to leave work early due to it. When I got home, I dry-heaved into my toiler for 10 minutes, but nothing came up. I had to sleep it off, and still felt like shit for the rest of the day. Oh man, I will never make that mistake again.

As for restriction...well, I'm not sure. I feel something, but it's not what I would expect to feel with 6ccs in my Band. Hmm. I think I need to give it more time so I can compare all my normal foods and see if I eat any less. All I know is that my port area is still all sore from where she was pokin' around in it on Monday.

Oh, and I totally love where I work. This month is Employee Appreciation Month, and I got free lunch! Barbecue chicken and sausage and pinto beans. Yum! And it all fit into my low carb diet, too. :D

Now, it's time for me to do laundry and chill the fuck out, because I'm pooped. I hope everyone has a great day. :)


  1. You pushed a truck???? Go on with your bad self!!


    1. Lol. I felt all badass, but I bet my trainer could push that truck all day long if he had to.

  2. my doc. says to crush my pills into a powder, but be careful not all pills are meant to be crushed so ask your pharm. usually if they have a score line on them they are crushable, then shake 'em up in a lil bit of water and tadaaaa meds in, and no "sicky biz-ness" wowzers you pushed a truck, your trainer is like that extreme weightloss show guy! congrats on the huge weight loss this week! and the loose jeans thats awesome!

    1. The pills I have to take can't be crushed. :\ And I have no idea if there is a trick or something, but I absolutely HATE the taste of pills, so I'd probably puke if I drank pill-water, lol.

  3. DAMN, GIRL! YOU'RE LIKE A FREAKING GLADIATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rocked it! and you keep on rocking it! keep it up, chica!

  4. Pushing a truck??? That's crazy! Did you feel like a total badass when you were done? That's one of the things I love about running, I always feel like a badass when I'm done.

    1. I want that badass feeling, too. Right now, I just feel like a fat kid wheezing and coughing on the treadmill. I just need some perseverance, and I'll be where you're at soon enough. :)

  5. great job on your loss--that is awesome!