August 13, 2012


Lesson of the day: Slacking does not pay off, my friends.

You'd think that would be common sense, right?


In all honesty, I have no idea when I'm going to learn that lesson. I should have learned it by now, with all the procrastinating I do, but jeez, I feel so dumb right now.

Anyway, my trainer had told me to do five miles this weekend. No problem, right? Four days to do five miles. Piece of cake.

Yeah, about that...

I put it all off until today. I sure had a fun and relaxing weekend, but it all caught up with me today.

I did about a mile and a half before my left knee and ankle started to hurt too bad for me to continue. Gah!

They still hurt right now, too.

I've always had problems like this with my left leg, but I probably wouldn't be experiencing this if I would just do the homework my trainer assigns to me. I totally don't tell him I didn't do the miles he told me to do between sessions, but now I feel the results.

I was always bad at doing my homework...

Gah! There's nothing like a good ol' reality check to get your ass in gear. Let's see if I can keep up with my trainer's orders this week and get in the groove. If not, I'll never make it at the marathon in November!

Oh, do any of you guys have problems running on the treadmill? I always seem to slip and slide on that thing, no matter which treadmill I'm at. I thought it might be the way I run, but my trainer says I have good form. I think I'm just too fat, and need to keep my running to the pavement for now. I always have to hold on to the bars on the treadmill when I get on it to prevent myself from slipping off!


  1. i totally hear ya. i had every intention on going to the gym this weekend but i slacked. i did everything else under the sun BUT go to the gym!

    hey you think we could be txt buddies of encouragement?? we can txt each other around the times we like going to the gym as a friendly reminder to get our booty's to the gym!!!

    whatcha think?

  2. I notice that slip and slide on some of the older treadmills so I move to the newer ones and don't have that so I am not sure what it is from. Get to it girl!

  3. I don't generally have issues with the treadmill but it might be because it's an older model and the belt needs tightening. You might ask the gym about it! I did find that I prefer running on pavement much more though...which is funny because when I first started running I swore I'd never run outside!

  4. I would be afraid to run on a treadmill lol.... hey so you slacked a little but lesson learned right? now you know... it is really awesome that you have a trainer, I had a dream the other night I had Chris Powell from extreme weightloss as my trainer, how awesome would that be!though I would never be on the show wearing one of those lil sports bras... anyways.... now you know that the homework your trainer gives you should be followed as ordered right, he didnt say hey run 5 miles in 1 day, he must know that would be hard on your Bod right now.. but live and learn you can do it girl!! :o) love the blog

  5. I'm totally the opposite, I love the treadmill, can't seem to get into the groove of running outside... Maybe it's my self consciousness thinking everyone is staring at me watching all my jiggly parts :) I was wondering what kind of vitamins do you take? my surgeons office is recommending the chewy multi vitamin and calcium... I know tablets will get stuck but I am going to ask if I can crush them and take them with apple sauce or in a drink...