July 23, 2012

Oh Yeah or Uh Oh?

I just had to blog this.

I signed up for a personal trainer.

I am such a sucker for a deal. For someone who is in sales, I should be better prepared for this crap.

Now, I didn't get conned. No way. I just put a good chunk of change down for 16 sessions with a PT, plus 4 free ones. They honestly were a decent price, but er...I used my credit card... >_>

Ha! Oh well. I've already done it. And you know what? I bet I'm gonna be kick ass after those 20 sessions. Rock n Roll Marathon, I'm coming for you!!


  1. Awesome!!! Enjoy. Work your ass off. Remember what they teach you.. so you can implement on your own when an if needed in the future. I love working with a trainer.

  2. That's awesome!!! I so wish I could afford one only for the commitment....I would never stand someone up so that would make my ass go work out lol!!!
    Good luck!!!

  3. You are going to rock it!!! I think personal training sounds great!

  4. consider it an investment in your health and think about that interest rate when you are tempted to "cheat"