July 22, 2012

My First Fill

Hey everyone!

It's been over a week since I last updated. I'm sorry for the long wait! After Comic Con and returning to work, I've been pretty busy. Today is Sunday, and usually I'm at work but I was informed on Thursday I'll be working a new schedule for the next four weeks. I'm being trained to open Business accounts, so I have to work an 8-4:30 schedule, Monday-Friday until the middle of August. The Business training aspect is good, since it gives me the opportunity to make a bigger bonus, but jeez I hate working in the morning. Plus, I'll miss my extra day off each week. :(


So, I had this freakout moment when I came back from the Con. I weighed myself, since I was curious if  I gained anything from all the junk I ate in San Diego. I nearly screamed. The scale said I gained five pounds!! But, then I came back to reality and realized I had just eaten dinner and hadn't had a BM in about two days, so that couldn't be accurate. Hehe! I weighed myself again the next morning and I was back down to what I was before leaving to San Diego, which was 253. That means that since I've started solid foods, I've gained 2 pounds. No big deal, my doctor said it's normal. :)

I had my first fill done on Friday! It was an unusual experience, especially since I've come to the decision that my doctor is absolutely dreamy. Haha! He's tall and pretty well built, and that gets me all the time. So, when I'm standing on the big x-ray machine thingy, and my doc says, "Okay, lift up your shirt," I get a little giggle in when I think, at least buy me a drink first, hunky doctor. Ha!

Too bad his wife works there, too. Hehe! Just kidding, I love my Daniel, the bum that he is.

Anyway, so I don't know if I'm lucky, but at my doctor's office they use a big x-ray machine thingy to see my port and band when they give me a fill. From what I've seen, a lot of people with the band don't have on of these at their doctor's office, so they just get poked until someone finds the port and then they estimate how much saline fluid to put in. That's nuts. I don't know if I would have gone through with the Band if it weren't for this crazy machine that lets me see my Band.

So, I was standing there, baring my tummy to the world in front of this x-ray machine thingy, and my doc (Dr. Seger) tells the other lady in there (I think she was in training or something) to give me my fill. Now, she was nice and everything, but man, she got on my nerves. So, they're using the camera and can see my port on the big TV screen, and she still couldn't get the needle in there. The stick of the needle didn't really hurt, but feeling that needle grind along my port was a little weird feeling. After two minutes of poking around and finding nothing, Dr. Seger finally got fed up and told her to let him do it.

He asked her to find another doctor to navigate the camera, and when she left, she left the door open. So, I'm just baring my tummy to the entire hallway. Dr. Seger got mad, slammed the door with his foot, and then got mad at her when she came back for leaving the door open. Yay, my champion. Haha.

So, Dr. Seger got my port on the first try. Then, he proceeded to put 3.5ccs into the Band. On the cool camera machine TV thingy, they made me drink some pink stuff, and I could see it flow down my throat, into my pouch, and through my band. Neat-o!! 3.5ccs was too much, because he saw some reflux, so he took out .5ccs and left me with 3ccs. I was instructed to stay on liquids for 48 hours. He slapped a Band-Aid on my tummy, told me to come back in 3 weeks, and we were done!

So far, I haven't had any discomfort. Just for the first day, I felt like I had to burp all damn day and nothing would come up. That was a little annoying. I'm gonna test out some food here in a little bit and see if I have any restriction from before the fill.

Oh! I have a personal training session today at my new gym! I will totally update you guys about that later tonight, along with pictures from my trip to San Diego. ;)


  1. I like Fluoroscopy! I wish my Dr used it. My old one did.

    And I LOL at the "buy me a drink" comment. Tee hee.

    The needle grinding along the port freaks me out! My doctor used to do that when I frst switched to him... now he knows where my port is so it is no biggy!!

  2. Wow that xray while fill sounds awesome! I haven't had my first fill yet but I know my doc doesn't use that. I'm kinda freaking out,about my fill. I'm scared it's gonna hurt although I've read many times it doesn't. But I'm a big baby like that!

  3. That's very cool! My dr just jabs it in and no Xray or anything. He must be really good at doing it. Fills always scared me but then they end up being no big deal.

    How are you feeling restriction wise?