June 05, 2012


Soooo....I haven't posted in almost two months. That's cool, no one looked at it anyway. :P

Well, I have my surgery date. It's June 15th, and I'm currently on the pre-op diet. Yeah, it's difficult. I already cheated a couple of times by sneaking chips into my mouth when my boyfriend wasn't looking. :\

I'm going be doing my surgery alone, now. My boyfriend decided he's not mentally prepared to have surgery, which I completely agree with him. I think he needs a little growing up to do. It just kinda sucks, because now I'll be going through all these changes in my body alone. I know he'll still be as supportive as possible (which isn't too much...), but I really wish we were still going through it together.

My insurance is covering most of the surgery. I only had to pay about $120. I just need to contact the hospital and see what they want me to do with their bill. I'll be outpatient, so I should be home by 1:00pm.

Oh, and I got a kitty! Her name is Vivi, and she's crazy. She's only 3 months old, so she runs around like a psycho trying to jump on everything. She gave me some nasty scratches today. At least she'll be able to keep me company when I'm home along after my surgery. I'm taking a week and a half off from work. Hopefully that was the right decision.

Oh yeah! Despite my cheating, I managed to drop two pounds since Friday. That's cool. I've never really lost weight before, despite all my previous efforts. I hope I lose some more before the 15th!

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