June 26, 2012

I'm Still Hungry

Yup, still hungry.

I cheated and had some refried beans yesterday. Guess what? It was delicious!

Guess something else?

That was a horrible, horrible thing for me to do. If there is something anyone should know about the post-op diet, it's that you need to follow it to the end. The post-op diet is specifically designed to help your stomach heal in order to prevent band complications in the future. When you eat solid, your stomach moves around while it digests. When you eat liquids, that moving around is severely reduced. So while you're waiting for your stomach to heal from the stitches and the band placement, you want as little movement as possible to make sure the band heals correctly in place. If not, band slippage/erosion could happen in the future.

Yeah, I feel like a total douchebag now for eating those beans. Now I'm back to sad, depressed Ashlee eating her tomato soup. *sigh*

Well, I start work on Wednesday, so at least I'll be distracted.


  1. Hopefully work distracts you I know at my job I hardly get a chance to grab a bite some days so I know that will be easy for me... but once I'm home, all bets are off!

  2. My first two days of work didn't really help with the hunger, since I was still on liquids. I think that now that I'll be able to eat solids, things will go much more smoothly.

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