June 15, 2012

Oh man, I really did it!

I have officially been Banded! :D

My hospital experience was great. I had my surgery at Foundations Surgical Hospital here in San Antonio, which is a one story building where they do a ton of these surgeries every day. My parents dropped me off, and stayed with me until I was called to the back.

Once I was inside, I was weighed (I officially only lost 6 pounds on the pre-op diet, boo!), peed in a cup, and took my Emend pill for my tummy. I saw my surgeon, Dr. Seger, and he shook my hand and got my last minute questions in. The nurse who helped me with my consent forms and IV was so nice. She helped get rid of some of the nervousness, but believe me, I was freakin quaking in my purple little booties about the surgery, lol.

The anesthesiologist was so nice as well. When everything was set and they were about to wheel me to the OR, the anesthesiologist's assistant gave me that crazy medicine in my IV to relax me. I remember making it to the OR room, somehow getting on the OR table, and then bam, I was out like a light.

Next thing I knew, I was waking up in the Recovery Room. I could barely keep my eyes open. The first I said was, "Did he do the surgery?", lol. Then I woke up enough to feel my incisions hurting really badly. They gave me some pain meds, but it took a while for most of it to die down. I have constantly had pain around my port, where a lot of the gas is built up.

The nurse who helped me from there was soooo nice. My surgery was at 8:30am, and she let me sleep until 12:30. She woke me up, and gave me some pain elixir. I had a SIP of water and then she took me on a walk. This whole time I couldn't see much because my glasses were locked up with my clothes.

When I got back to my room, the bed had been replaced with a chair, and I sat down. The whole getting up and sitting down process was so painful. All the gas around my port was killing me. She let me sleep some more, before asking me if I wanted her to call my boyfriend to pick me up. They had already called my mom to let her know my surgery went through fine, which I thought was super nice .

She brought me my clothes, and while I was changing into them, I got nauseous. I called her and she brought me some medicine for that right away. While I was talking to her, I found out she'd had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago. She looked amazing!

Well, I dozed off again, and then my boyfriend came to pick me up. The ride home was a little uncomfortable, but I didn't get nauseous again. When I for home, I sat down in my boyfriend's recliner, took some hydrocodone, and fell asleep again.

The whole rest of the day has been me dozing in and out, standing up and walking a bit, and sipping water. I haven't really had much water, though, so I'm a bit worried. I still have half of the same bottle of water the nurse gave me from the hospital. I think it's time to switch it out for a cold one.

The gas pain hasn't really subsided. I'm gonna go for a walk around my complex a little later to try and get ride of some of the pain. I haven't had any more nausea, which is awesome. I just want the pain around my port to go away. I still have a ways to go, I suppose.

I think I'm hungry, too. My stomach has been growling every so often, and I don't think it's just gas moving around. I'm gonna try some chicken broth. I wonder if anyone else was hungry so fast?


  1. hello, I am a new follower (and a new blogger myself) my name is Theresa, I seen your blog link on lapbandgal's FB page (she is awesome) check out my blog. http://bsbandedmama.blogspot.com/ I will be banded on July 5th!! :o)
    I enjoyed reading about your surgery day, and I am not looking forward to the pain obviously, so I am wondering, how long where you uncomfortable from the surgery? I see you had day surgery, I get to spend the night at the hospital and will be giving PCA (a pain med button) so I know for the first 24 hours I will be in dream land lol I will be reading and wish you luck.. T

    1. Thanks for following! :)

      I needed to take my pain meds for two days after surgery. I was still sore after that, but not enough that I needed to take anything for it. Honestly, all of the pain probably didn't die down until day 11 or 12. The pain was centered around my port, and made it difficult to sleep on my side. But now I don't feel anything. :)

  2. hey, i'm in San Antonio too!!!! and i just got banded june 26!! we got on this ride together almost. good luck!

    1. Awesome! I don't have any Band Buddies here in SA. I sure do need a workout partner. ;D